IPA 17/4 – OSRAM – Evaluation of setup new Electronics Manufacturing location – “AUSLANDSPROJEKT”

Evaluation of setup new Electronics Manufacturing location
Benchmark of Brownfield & Greenfield Approach
Define Production Setup Requirements to get full LEAN Manufacturing
Ausgangssituation / Randbedingungen
There are many options to setup a new manufacturing location. Fast ”Time to market” is important, even with a high part of Project business with Customers. A Region for Region setup need to be considered. The Product focus is to put on Electronic LED Drivers “Optotronic” and Light Engines for the European Market.
Supporting R4R approach (Reduce lead time, improve cash flow) Evaluation of Setup of a new in-house electronics manufacturing plant for the EMEA market is needed.
The OSRAM BU-LLS is seeking for a new low cost EEU in-house production setup to support R4R strategy EMEA. Therefore a Benchmark of a Brownfield solution (rent, buy) and a full Greenfield solution is requested.
Risk Evaluation of both options is mandatory: financial, timeline, legacies (e.g. existing products and EHS risks).

Arbeitspakete ‚Evaluation of setup new Electronics Manufacturing location‘

Project Milestones and Working Packages

  • Product Definition
  • Process Definition
  • Complete Site Survey
  • Establish Site Requirements
  • Determine Site & Location
  • Develop Implementation Plan

Basic Requirement & Assumptions

  • Goal of Short Lead Time (2 weeks) on Products with Short Life Cycle (6 month – 2 years)
  • Evaluation of Customer interaction models CIM: Target with MTO as a modification of a MTS,ATO or ATS
  • Electronics production knowledge and experience within the target company; Availability of operators for a maximum wage level (operator) to be competitive; Availability of Engineers (Production, Process, Quality) need to be confirmed
  • Located within in the European Community for easy transporting and customs clearance (pre-material and finished products) Possibility to extend production (space and personnel)
  • Target product volume and space requested for 2016

Evaluation Points

  • Define together with Marketing and global MF responsible the Production strategy
  • Benchmark of Brownfield & Greenfield approach with dedicated TCO calculation (based on volume, stock costs, customs)
  • Analyze possibility to use Standardized Components & Equipments
  • Define Flexible Line Design for High Mix and Low volume products by same Value Add performance
  • Define a ready for 6-sigma/LEAN style Production Setup
  • Finalize Capacity Calculation Tool based on different CIM Models (MTS, MTO, ATO)
  • Propose Input to R&D for Tool-less Assembly/Design

Lösungsansatz / Aufgabenstellung
Phase 1:
Define and Analyze Production strategy; Benchmark Brownfield & Greenfield approach TCO
Phase 2:
Define Production line setup with Layout planning and Capacity calculation; Propose input for R&D on Design improvements

Teamgröße – Besondere Anforderungen – Standort

  • Ideale Teamgröße: 2-3 Studierende
  • MS-Produkte (vor allem Excel, Access)
  • Verständnis Technischer Zusammenhänge ‚Electronic Production‘ & Lean Manufacturing
  • OSRAM / Garching bei München
  • Möglichkeit von Auslandsaufenthalten in Italien, Osteuropa evtl. in China
Anschrift OSRAM
Parkring 33
85748 Garching
Betreuung Industrie
Studen-tisches Team

Betreuung Hochschule
Projektskizze IPA 17/4 – OSRAM – Manufacturing Location


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