ANGEBOT IPA 17/I – OSRAM – Benchmark & Evaluation of Metallization concepts on substrates for Electronics

Benchmark & Evaluation of Metallization concepts on substrates for Electronics
Ausgangssituation / Randbedingungen / Zielsetzung
OSRAM is seeking for Innovative Products and Solutions in order to shape the market and could bring OSRAM to have unique selling points for the Customer, even at low prices. Drive Competitiveness is key.
Products feasibility and process costs must be evaluated in detail before starting new product proposals. This have to be done always under the consideration of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
To benchmark and select right material combination by highest performance and lowest price is mandatory. Our Customer is only willing to pay for the defined live time by always same performance. So the Properties are defined on Marketing / Product Specification and R&D need to deliver by lowest cost.

Arbeitspakete ‚Metallization concepts on substrates for Electronics‘

  • Analyze Current Situation available on the Market. State of the Art or in Development (2D & 3D Technology)
  • Create Market overview and Benchmark possible solutions with Pros and Cons
  • 4 technologies are in scope:
    • Printing of materials with different technologies like Stencil or Laser Transfer Printing
    • Jetting of materials (based on Additive Manufacturing / Aerosol Jetting)
    • MID Process
    • Plasma application of materials

  • Evaluation & Analyze of Product Requirements on different substrates: Metal, Polymer, Glass
  • Align Product Requirements with OSRAM R&D on LED Tube Product
  • Prepare Cost-Material-Process comparison TCO of 4 technologies in scope
  • Evaluate & Negotiate with external Equipment Suppliers the detailed Processes for the winner technology
  • Prepare Sample Production at Supplier with winner technology
  • Align with OSRAM Quality the Reliability test plan (based on existing product approval process) / Setup of Test Matrix
  • Prepare Management Presentation

Lösungsansatz / Aufgabenstellung
Phase 1:
Analyze: Current Situation on Market, Benchmark of all Solutions, Define Product Requirements, Prepare TCO Decision
Phase 2:
Execution: Evaluate & Negotiate with external Equipment suppliers, Produce Sample Products, Final Presentation

Teamgröße – Besondere Anforderungen – Standort

  • Ideale Teamgröße: 2-3 Studierende
  • MS-Produkte (vor allem Excel, Access)
  • Gute physikalische Grundkenntnisse
  • OSRAM / Garching bei München
Anschrift OSRAM
Parkring 33
85748 Garching
Betreuung Industrie
Manufacturing Technology Manager
Studen-tisches Team
Betreuung Hochschule
Projektskizze IPA 17/I – OSRAM – Metallization

Infos ‚Aerosol Jetting‘

Infos ‚MID-LDS Process‘


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