ANGEBOT IPA 19/K – OSRAM – Evaluation of Prototyping production line for Light Engines

Evaluation of Prototyping production line for Light Engines (ready for implementation)
Ausgangssituation / Randbedingungen
There are many options to setup a new prototype production line for Light Engines.
Fast ”Time to market” is important, even with a high part of Project business with Customers. A Region for Region setup is defined. The Product focus is to put on Electronic Light Engines “LE” for the European Market.
Prototyping is evaluated as a huge opportunity for new business creation.
Aim is to deliver prototypes to customers by provided design with short lead time of 2 weeks.
The technology within the Prototyping line is already evaluated within an IPA17 Project and results are the baseline.
Risk Evaluation of different setups is mandatory: financial, timeline, legacies (e.g. existing products and EHS risks).

Arbeitspakete ‚Evaluation of Prototyping production line for Light Engines‘

Project Milestones and Working Packages

  • Product Definition
  • Process Definition
  • Complete Site Survey
  • Establish Site Requirements
  • Determine Site & Location
  • Develop Implementation Plan

Basic Requirement & Assumptions

  • Knowledge of Plasma technology (DDM by Plasma Innovations) and SMT assembly processes
  • Basic economic knowledge: TCO calculation, Product Calculation scheme
  • Knowledge of MS Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Located within in the European Community for easy transporting and customs clearance (pre-material and finished products) Possibility to extend production (space and personnel)

Evaluation Points

  • A) Benchmark value benefit of quick samples production for customer
  • B) Define manufacturing steps of prototyping production line with technology provider /suppliers
  • C) Evaluate and define required OSRAM capacities (manpower, required space, costs…)
  • D) Calculate Product Cost and Product delivery time out of Prototyping Line
  • E) Prepare Investment Proposal for Set up production line for prototyping
  • F) Evaluate plasma processing and SMT assembly directly on luminaire casings

Lösungsansatz / Aufgabenstellung
Phase 1:
Analyze, Benchmark & Define processing technology based on final Product Cost, Cycle time and Delivery time.
Phase 2:
Prepare for Investment & Set up prototyping production line

Teamgröße – Besondere Anforderungen – Standort

  • Ideale Teamgröße: 2-3 Studierende
  • MS-Produkte (vor allem Excel, Access)
  • Gute physikalische Grundkenntnisse
  • Verständnis Technischer Zusammenhänge & Lean Manufacturing
  • OSRAM / Garching bei München
  • Dienstreisen zu unterschiedlichen Lieferanten
  • OSRAM Bulgarien
Anschrift OSRAM
Parkring 33
85748 Garching
Betreuung Industrie
Manufacturing Technology Manager
Senior Key Expert Process Engineering Electronics
Studen-tisches Team
Betreuung Hochschule
Projektskizze IPA 19/K – OSRAM – Production Line


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